Business 100
Work Readiness



Start Date: 14-JAN-2013
End Date: 18-MAR-2013
Last Date to add class: 22-JAN-2013
Last Date to drop with a refund: 16-JAN-2013

Last Date to drop without a "W": 23-JAN-2013
Last Date to drop with a "W": 20-FEB-2013
Census Date: 23-JAN-2013
Add Auth Expiration: 22-JAN-2013
Pass/No Pass Option Deadline: See Adm and Records


Access and develop the skills needed in applying for employment in the workplace.

Course Description and Purpose
This course presents practical strategies that prepare students to confirm an appropriate career, to conduct a successful job search, and to lay the foundation for successful career development. Emphasis is on Career Action assignments to assess your skills and interests, to research prospective employers, to learn about current application requirements, to prepare resumes and cover letters, to practice meeting with business people in your targeted career field, and to practice interviewing. These assignments polish your job search and career management skills so you can apply them directly to achieving your immediate and future career goals. Your enrollment in Work Readiness is a commitment to your career.  In such, you will be considered a manager in charge of managing your career. You will be required to wear proper work attire to each and every class session.  The following items are prohibited:

Slippers, open toe sandals, flip flops, sneakers, athletic shoes
Jeans, exercise clothing, pajama pants, tights (worn as slacks) or shorts
T shirts, tank tops halters, sweat jackets, and hoodies
Make every effort to cover or conceal visible tattoos
(Excessive facial and visible body piercings will need to be removed)
Jewelry should not be over-sized or distracting
A good rule of thumb is “if you would wear it to a sporting event then it is not appropriate for class/work” The goal is to develop a habit of dressing for success. You will dress for the job that you want; not the job that you have.  Please see me for clarification on the dress code.

*Additional items may be added to the list as needed.

Required Textbook
Your Career: How to Make It Happen with Data CD, Seventh Edition, by Julie Griffin Levitt and Lauri Harwood, South-Western Cengage Publishing
*You will also need one ½ inch binder and 10 tab dividers.
Your Career: How to Make it Happen web site(

Performance Objectives
Upon successful completion of the required assignments, students should be able to achieve the following performance objectives:

Methods of Instruction
The instructional methods used include lecture; discussion; written, and Internet assignments as
well as special emphasis on outside assignments (including actual employer and hiring
procedures research and interview practice in the business community).

Need for Assistance: If you have any condition, such as a physical, or learning disability, which will make it difficult for you to carry out the work as I have outlined it, or which will require academic accommodations, please notify me as soon as possible.

Evaluation and Grading
Class assignments and Career Competency Assignments will be explained in class. Grading and
evaluation criteria and emphasis are described as follows:
Grading Criteria                                                       Grade Emphasis
Successful completion of all class and                        50%
Career Action assignments
Class Preparation                                                        50%
Includes: adherence to dress code for proper work attire
Complete and organized CMB (career management binder)
Arriving to class on time and maintaining positive attendance




INSTRUCTOR: Adrienne Cary

PHONE: 707.864.7000 Ext 4637

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