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Going to the Theater                VS

            Movie At Home

Movie goers are finding there is a dilemma when it comes to choosing to go to the theater and pay that admission price or stay home and watch it in the comfort of their own dwelling.
                                                                           1) No people talking
                                                                                              2) No babies crying
                                                                                            (unless you have one at home)
                                                                                              3) Much cheaper snacks
                                                                                      (the popcorn just doesn't taste right)
                                                                                              4) No parking issues
                                                                                              5) Less expensive than buying
                                                                                             6) No sticky floor
                                                                                      (depending on your personal hygiene)
                                                                                             7) No line-ups
                                                                                             8) No one kicking the back of your seat




There are more . . . . But I think we have covered the major reasons. 
But there is one noted reason that will remain in the forefront of the cameras, lights and all the action . . . No matter how good home theater systems get, nothing will ever replace the experience of going to the theater to watch it on the big screen.













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