Adjunct Faculty Directory

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Voice Mail

Alexander, Chuck Real Estate 5090  
Anderson, Donna OT 5073  
Atwal, Gurpreet Business None  
Boudreau, Greg Real Estate 5368  
Butters, Roger Economics none  
Cain, Peter Business 5082  
Ceja, Patricia OT 7258  
Clanton, Ed Accounting 5065  
Crow, Bill Business Law 5064  
Danko, Chris CIS 5085  
Davini, William Business 5071  
Dean, Michael Business None  
Dudman, Matthew Economics, Business Law 5079  
Gerardo, Carol OT 5091  
Garnier, Michael Business None  
Goldstein, Richie Real Estate 5075  
Hassler, Craig Business Law 5329  
Howell, Justin CIS ext. 7205
Hubbell, Bill Accounting 5059  
Isaacson, Valain OT 5165  
Laxa, Zenia CIS 5077  
Lee, Grant CIS 5066  
Linge, Richard CIS None  
McNeill, Joe Real Estate None  
Newland, Curt CIS None  
Ogden, Carl CIS 5337  
Parini, Greg Business 5088  
Prescott, Vernon Lee Business 5072  
Purdy, Al Real Estate 5070  
Schwarz, Bill CIS 5087  
Shatzer, Jane Management 5336  
Stelter, Sandy Small Business None  
Strickland, JoAnne CIS 5370  
Thompson, Jane Business 5342  
Thomas Dermody OT