Programming Languages


Language Description
BASIC Beginners all purpose symbolic instruction Code - genersl -p;urpoose, procedural programming languate.
FORTRAN Formula Translator is a procedural language designed for programming complex matheatical algorithms.
COBOL Common Business-Oriented Language is procedurallanguage designed for  business applications>
Pascal Pascal is a structured, general-purpose,  procedural language designed primarily for teaching programming.
C Strucured, general-purpose,procedural language developed at Bell Lab.
C++ Based on the C language, C++ offers object-oriented features not found in C, developed at Bell Lab
C# C sharp invented by microsoft for developing applications based on the microsoft .NET platform.
Java Object-oreinted language developed at Sun Microsystems.  Stand alone applications on a single computer, run over the interned from a web server, and applets that run in a browser.
JavaScript Can be used in web site to perform simple operations- not related to Java
Perl Genearl-purpose language used widely on internet servers
PHP Language used primarily for develping Web server applications and dynameic web pages
Python Phthon is an OOP used in both business and academia - Web sites
Ruby OOP used for a variety of purposes, small utility programs to lareg web applications.
Visual Basic Microsoft programming language that allows creation of window base applications very quickly.