Robotic Programming

Five advantages of PC programming Software for Robot

Full Screen Viewing - PC programming software allows the programmer to view many lines of a program on the screen .

Program Storage- The programmer can save programs to USB flash drives so that each program can e maintained separtely

Easier Editing - the PC programming software offers full screen editing where a user can move the cursor to any position to insert, delete, or add tot he program

More Advance Programming - the PC programming software offers many additional commands and more advance programming techniques,

Pop-Up status windows - the PC programming software allows the user to provide data windows on the monitor that display data about other properties.

Two Methods of Programming

Online - the user develops a program while the root controller is connected t the PC. Programs are saved in the roots controller's memory.  The program can be tested immediately after entering the program and make any necessary changes.

Offline- the user develops and enters a program while the controller is not connected to the PC.  These programs are saved to the USB Flash Drive or hard drive and transferred to the controller.  Offline Simulation will be our process.