Basic Html Code-  Hyper Text Markup Language is a display language that works with web browser.  Html code can contain Java applets for executing client sided functions and Active Server Page code for executing server sided functions.  All web pages must contain at a minimum the following code.

<html>  This tag is used to open this page for html code

<!--comment--> non executing code used for internal documentation

<head> this tag  opens the header of the web page which is displayed at the very top of the page.  There are many different meta tags that can be put in the head section.

<title>this tag begins the title and the text that follows this tag will be displayed in the head of the page by the browser.

</title> this tag  closes the title section of the header.

</head> this tag ends the header section

<body> this tag indicates the beginning of the body which contains your web page.  

</body> this closes the body section of your web page. 

this closes  the document.  

All html documents must contain the above code at a minimum to work and the above tags can only be used once.  You will notice that all the tags must be opened and closed. 

Text Color and Background Color 

The text color and background can be set for the entire document with:
    <Body TEXT="#rrggbb" BGCOLOR ="#rrggbb">  the rr stands for the red 3 number code code, gg for the green 3 numbered code, and bb for the blue 3 numberedl code. For example:

    <Body TEXT="255255051" BGCOLOR="210255210" link="ffaacc" vlink="ffaacc"

Link= the color of a hyperlink    Vlink = the color of a hyperlink that has been visited.

To change the color of a block of text or a single word can be done with:
<font color="#rrggbb">Hello There</font>

To set the color of a table is done with:
<Table bgcolor="#rrggbb">      </table>

Hyper Links: For 3 number color codes:

Hyper Links - hyperlinks allow us to link internet web page, and web pages on the same server  to the web page we are  constructing.  We can create hyperlinks to target in the same web page, hyperlinks to e-mail, and hyperlinks to objects (pictures)

Internet Web Page:
<a href="">Earl's home page</a>

Web Page on same server and folder:
<a href="download.htm">Cis78 Lab Files</a>

In the same page:
<a href="#bottom">Bottom</a>
<a name="bottom">Bottom</a> - this is the target of the internal hyperlink.

For an E-mail:
<a href=""> earl's e-mail</a>

For a graphic:
<img src="images/banner.jpg width="240" Lengith="240">

To remove the underlining of a hyper link insert the following code:

In the head section of the document type
.plainlink {text-decoration:none;}

In the hyperlink place the following  <a href="earl.htm" class="plainlink">earl</a>




For a horizontal line

<hr color="rrggbb" size="6" width=80%>






For accessibility standards for compliance with American Disabilities Act section 508.

For checking your web site for ADA and other errors.