Mail Merge Office 2007

34. To begin Mail Merge.
a. Click new blank documentt:
b. Click Mailings tab,
c. click start Mail Merge button.
d. click the step by step mail merge Wizard,
e. Click the letters option button,
f. click next:starting document,
g. click Use the current doocument option button,
H. click Next: Select recipients, 
i. Ciick Use and existing list option button, 
j. click browse, navigate to your data source,
k. click open, 
l. Click ok,
m. click next Write your letter,
n. Click address block in the mail ;merge task pane.
o. Select one of the address block formats,
p. Verify inset recipients name in this format and insert postal address check boxes are selected,
q. Click Ok,
r. to place other field in document, click More items
s. Select the field that you want to place in the doucment
t. Click insert
u. Click close
v. Click Next preview you letters
w. Click Next:complete the merge
x. Click edit individual letters
y. click all option button, click Ok
z. From here you can print the document, save it to disk.