1. . The purpose of this document is to enable you to a) create the student sub web  b) set the student userid and student password, c) set access permissions to the sub web, d) and show you the student how to access your sub webs.
  2. The student sub web names that you create are your own choice. I am naming my student sub webs, student userid, and student password ew01 to ew??, so I and the student will be less confused. I am disabling anonymous access for the student sub web so that the student sub web cannot be browsed without the student userid and password.


a). Creating the student sub webs:

  1. Start up FrontPage.
  2. Click File, Open Web
  3. From any location on the planet with internet access type in http://busdiv-iis.solano.cc.ca.us/????? (??????? would be your sub web name assigned by your instructor) in the web name box, click Open.
  4. As an student  when you log in your userid will authenticate through IIS.
  5. Type in your user name and password. (This is the user name and password assigned to you by your instructor.
  6. Click OK –Click on File, New, Page or Web You will see:

  8. Click on Empty Web in the right hand panel. You will see:


  9. Select empty web.
  10. In the specify the location of the new web text box type in Http://busdiv-iis/.solano.cc.ca.us/ewylie/your assigned subweb/new subweb name.  You of course can use any name that you wish, but since each of the subwebs must have unique userID and password, I suggest that you make each of your sub webs with your first two initials then followed with 01 to ??.
  11. Click Ok, which will return you to FrontPage locked on to the new subweb. I suggest that you build all of you subwebs at the same time because FrontPage will auto number them for you as you create them in sequence.


b). Setting the Student Sub Web userid and password:

1. Make sure you are in the sub web that you wish to assign id, password, and permission to.

  1. Click on tools, server, and permissions. You will see:
  2. Click on change permissions for this web.

    4. You will see:


  3. Click on use unique permission for this web site.
  4. Then click on submit, which will return you to the same page.
    Now click on cancel.

  5. You will see:

  6. Click on Manager Users. You will see:

  7. Click on add user. You will see:


  8. Type in the user name, password, and confirm the password.
  9. Click on Administrator in the User Role area so that you can do everything on your sub web.

12. Click on add user.

You will see

13. Close the permission window.

14. You will be returned to the frontpage window.

15. Repeat the process for additional sub web permissions.

c). Set access permission to the subweb.

  1. Log on to the sub web.
  2. click tools, server, permissions you will see: Click on change anonymous access settings.

You will see:


3. Click on off. When you choose this option, you are not allowing anyone to browse the subweb unless they have the proper student userid and password
4. Make sure browser is selected .
5. Click submit. .


d). Student Login to Busdiv-iis.

  1. Students will have to type the domain name address, your subweb, their sub web. For Example http://busdiv-iis.solano.cc.ca.us/ewylie/ew01/student created subweb.  Ewylie is my web, and ew01 is the sub web for student 1.
  1. The student  only has to type in their student userid and password that was assigned to them to get to the sub web the instructor created or to get to the sub web the student created the student must use the userid and password that they created.