Using Mail Merge in Word 2003.

30. Mail merge refers to the process of combining information from two separate documents to create many final documents.
31. Main document is a document that contain standard text and placeholders (called merged fields).
32. Data Source is a document that contains information which will be inserted into the main document.
33. Fields make up record, records make up table.
34. To begin Mail Merge.
a. Click new blank documentt:
b. Click Tools
c. Point to Letters and Mailings and then click Mail Merge.
d. In the mail merge task pane click letter option button.
e. Click Next: Starting document
f. Click Start from existing documentt
g. Verify more files is select, click open button on task pane, select the letter you want.
h. Click Next: Select recipients, click Use an existing list, click browse, get database or table you are using.
i. Click open
j. Click Ok.
k. Click Next: Write your letter.
l. Insert Merge fields
; - click more items in task pane. From the insert merge filed dialog box, select the field you want, click insert.
35. To preview main document: click Next: preview our letter in task pane.
36. To complete Mail merge: in task pane click Next: complete this merge.
37. Click Edit individual letters in task pane.- select the records you want merged, click OK.
38. At this point you can print, send to e-mail or save to print later.