Tutorial 4
Creating Forms and Reports

Student Learning Objectives

a. Create a form using the Form Wizard
b. Apply a theme to a form
c. Add a picture to the form
d. Change the color and the line type of items on a form
e. find and maintain data using a form
f. Preview and print selected form records
g. Create a form with a main form and a subform
h. Create a report using he Report Wizard
i. Apply a theme to a report
j. Resize fields in a report
k. Insert a picture in a report
l. Use conditional formatting in a report
m. Preview and print a report.

Important Points:
1. Using the form wizard - when creating forms always make sure if you are reading data from a input form that the computer screen form you create matches the intake form exactly especially the tab stops.
a. Select the customer table, click create, click form wizard.  You will see:
form wizard dialog box

b. Send all the fields accros by clicking Form wizard dialog box. You will see:
Form wizard dialog box with field in selceted.

c. Move the phone field below the email field by sending it back, then clicking on the email field, and resend the phone field to the selected list. Click next you will see:Selcted layout dialog box

d. click colmnar then next  and type in Data after customer to name the form. you will see:

Nameing form dialog box

e. click finish you will see:
CustomerData Form
2. Modifying a forms design in layout view.
a. Apply theme to form.- display form in layout view.- In the themes group on the design tbl click themes button.  You will see:
themes dialog box

b. Scroll  through the themes and right click Perspective theme.  You will see:
theme apply to dialog box
c. Click on apply themes to this object only.
d/ Themes provide a quick and 3easy way for you to format the objects in a database with a consistent look.
3. Add a picture to the form.Click the logo button in the design group.  You will see:
Insert picture into form dialog box.
a. browse to the picture you want.  click on the picture and then click ok:   You will see:
Picutre over the form title
b. Click on the logo and drag it to the right of the logo.  You will see:
Picture moved to the right of form title
4. Change forms title and text color.
a. Click between the r and D in the title and tap the space bar.
b. Click the main form area and then click the title again.
c. click Format tab on ribbon
d. click the font color button, in the theme colors palette point to the seventh color box - Brown, Accent 3, Darker 25%.You will see:
Title color changed
5. Change the type of line around fields in the form.  In layout view click the customer id field and an organe outline appears areound the field.
a. In the control formatting group in the format tab click shape outline.  You will see:

Shape outline dialog box
b. Point to line type and select dots.  You will see:
Line  type dialog box
c. Return to the form and you will see dot line around the Id. field.
d.  To apply to the rest of the field select them all with shift click then repeat the process.
6. Finding data using the CustomerData form.
a. click the company field. Inf the find group on the home tab click find button.  You will see:
find dialog box
b. type in tulips and then click the match down arrow.  You will see:
Match field dialog box
c. click find next.
7. Find records  using wildcard character.

Wild Card Purpose Example
* Match any number of characters. th* finds the, that,this,thererfore, and so on
? Match any single alphabetic character a?t finds aft, act, ant, apt, and art
[ ] match any single character within the brackets a[fr]t finds aft and art but not act, ant and apt
! Match any character not within brackets a[!ft]t finds act, ant and apt but not aft and art
- Match any one of a range of characthers in ascending order a[d-p]t finds aft, ant and apt but not act and art
# Match any single numberic character #72 finds 072,172,272,372, and son on.
a.In the CustomerData form select the phone field..
b. Open the find and replace dialog box.
c. Put 517* into the find what.
d. Click the match and select Whole Field and then click find next.  Which will take you to the first occurance of a phone number beginning with 517.  Clicking find next will take you to the next record with 517.
8. Add new record - in the records group click new and enter the data.
9. Preview and printing selected form records.
a. Click file, click print click print preview.  You will see:
Print dialog box

Print preview

b. Close print preview.
c. Print selected record.  Note: print selected record if not selected when printing a form will print out all of the records.
d. Click file, Click print, click print again you will see:
Print dialog box
e. Click selected records radio button.
f. Click ok.
10. Creating a main form and subform.
a. Click create, click Form Wizard.  You will see:
Create form wizard dialog box
b. Select the customer table: Send CustomerId, company, first, Last, Phone and Email field accross you will see:
form wizard dialog box
c. go back to tables/queries and select Contract table: You will see:

form wizard dialog box
d. Send all of the fields accross and then send contract.customer id back.  You will see:
form wizard dialog box
e. click next.  You will see:
form wizard dialog box
f. Clickl next.  You will see:
form wizard dialog box
g. Select datasheet view for the sub form.  Click next you will see:
form wizard dialog box
h. remove the space between contract and subform in the titles and click finish.  You will see:
Form with subform

11. Creating a report uing the report wizard.
a. Click create, click report wizard.  You will see: Note: you can create a report using a query where you have limited the fields and records to display.
Report wizard
b. Send CustomerId, company , first , last, city and phone to the report.
c. Select the tabe contract from the tables/queries drop down box. Send all the fields over and return the contratc.customerId back. You will see:
Report wizard
d. Click next you will see:
report wizard
e. Click next you will see:

Report wizard
f. Click the first box down arrow and select SigningDate then click next. You will see:
Report Wizard|
g. Select outline and landscape. Click next you will see:

report wizard
h. In the title box type customersandcontracts click finish you will see:

customerandcontract report

12. Modifying a reports design in layout view
a. Applying a theme to a Report.
b.  Click layout view on the status bar, then click the themes button in the themes group on the design tab..  You will see:

themes dialog box
c. Right Click on Perspective, you will see:

Themes dialog box

d. Click apply to this object only and the theme is applied to the report.
e. Changing the title font color and inserting a picture in a report.
f. Click the title, click format tab, In font group on format tab click font color button and click Boown, Accent 3, Darker 25%.
g. insert picture - click design tab, cick logo button, navigate to picutre, double click picture, then move picture to right of report title. You will see:

Report with picture
13. Using conditioanl formatting in report.
a. With the report  in layout view, click Format tab, click the contracamt field value of 4000 and then click the conditioanl fomatting button.  You will see:
conditional formatting button
b. Click new rule.  You will see:

conditon formatting new rule button
c. click the arrow for the box between and select greater than, press the tab and type 25000, click font color button and select dark red, click the bold button you will see:
conditional formatting
d. click ok.  You will see:
conditional formatting new rule
e. Click ok, click ok, on status bare click  print preview and scroll to page 9 of report.  You will see:
conditional formatting displayed in report
f. To print one page of report.  click Print button on the print preview tab.  You will see:
Print dialog box
g. Click the pages optin button, and put page 1 to page 1 and click ok.