Dreamspark Directions to download programs.

Muerie, Zachary  has provide the following information for working with dreamspark.

To install ISO images off of Dream Spark, you don't always have to burn
it to a disk. Many archiving programs (such as winrar) support the
unpacking of ISO images. Unfortunately, some programs constantly tried to
search disk drives, always resulting in an error, or having to manually
browse for the files. If the program uses the directory instead of relying
on drives, you could simply unpack any ISOs and run them from there.

However: my favorite method is using a virtual CD drive.

By using software

[such as daemon tools lite (free for non-commercial use) found at:

you can create virtual disk drives. Using this software you load ISOs, and
the program treats them as if you inserted them as a disk. This saves time
and money by removing the need for: r/w disk drives, disks to write to,
waiting for the data to be written or unpacked, or anything like that.

I figured I would share this information with you, as I have found that,
unless you're installing a new OS or something that has to boot with BIOS,
virtual disks are much harder to mess up, and burning ISOs with the default
windows tools usually takes a bit of trial and error. Virtual disks you can
mess up the settings 20+ times while only losing 10 minutes or so, but with
real disks, it can take upwards of 5 minutes per trial, dependent on the
size of the ISO, the type of disc, and how good of a burn you want.