Tutorial 2
Formatting a Workbook with Excel 2010

a. Format text,numbers, and dates
b. Change fonts and font colors
c. add fill colors and bacground images
d. Create formulas to add, subtract,and divide values
e. Apply number formats
f. Align, indent, and rotate cell contents
g. Merge a rane into a single cell
h. copy and paste formats
i. Apply built-in cell styles
j. Change the theme of a workbook
k. Create formulas to add and subtract values
l. Apply a built-in tble style and select table stulye options
m. Hightlight cells with conditional formats
n. Hide worksheet rows
o.Define the print area,insert page breaks, and add print titles
p. Create headers and footers
q. Select page margins

1. Fonts - click the font arrow list you will see:  Note fonts available are dependent upon the printer.

You can select a font group at the top or a specific font by scrolling.

2. Font size -click the font size arrow and you will see:

font sizeSelect the font size you want.
3. Font color - click the font color arrow.  You will see:
font color

Click the more colors button you will see:
More font colors
Create the color that you want.
4. Fill color - click the fill color button arrow and you will see:
font color
click the more colors button and you will see:
More font colors
5. Background Image:- Click Page Layout, click the bacground button you will see:

Adding Background image

Navigate to the picture you want for you backgrund, select the graphic and click insert.
6. Applying number formats:   Select the range of numbers to be formatted:

Format numbers
Go to the ribbon and select the format type you want. Click the button next to general you will see:

 Formatting options
Click on more number formats:  You will see:
Additional number formats

Click on the number category:  You will see:
Additional Number formats

7. Aligning Cell Content- go to the aligment box on the home tab - You will see:

Aligning text

a. align on top edge.
b. vertically align
c. align on bottom edge
d. Rotates to any angle with the cell
e. forces text to wrap within the cell borders
f. align left
g. align center
h. align right
i. decrease size of indentation
j. increase size of indentation
k. merge and center
click the arrow on the alignment box:  You will see:
Alignment options

Here you can set the alignment option you want.
8. Set the border color-  In the font group on the home tab click the borders button arrow, click more borders: you will see:
Border options
Click the more border button:  you will see:
Border option dialog box
Here you can set addional options.
9. Copy and paste formats:  Select the format you want to copy. On the home tab in the clipboard group click the format painter button (one click allows you to apply the format to one object, double clicking allows you to paste the format to multiple objects).  Move to the object(s) you want formatted, drag accross and release.
Paste Special:  Click the arrow on the paste button you will see:
Paste Button Options
click the paste special button you will see:
Paste Special dialog box
From here you can select to paste values and formats, paste only formulas, paste only the cell value, not the formula,  pase only the format, not the value or formula.
10. Applying Cell Styles