Saving a form to a text file

1. Open a new page at the web site that was assigned to you, save the page as formsavetotext.htm  and Create the following form with a table.

First Name  
Last Name

2. Right click on the form and select form properties.

You will see:

Form Properties

a. Sent to file or e-mail
b. Send to database - can create access data base or connect to already existing one.
c. Send to other -custom form handler

3. Select the sent to radio button and type in "_private/results.txt" in the file name, You will see:

form properties

4. Click the option button to display the saving result dialog. You will see:

5.  Select file results tab if it is not already selected. Click on the file format drop down arrow.  You will see:

form properties file format

6. checking the include field names checkbox will include the field name in the file.
7. If you plan to migrate you file into a database or spreadsheet then chose one of the text database options. We will chose text database using comma separator. You will see:

saving results for form

8. Click OK which will create the _private folder and the file results.csv,( The csv stands for comma separated values) in the web site. S 9.Save the  the page and touch F12 to display the form in IE.
10. Enter data into the form and click the submit button.
11. Close the form.
12. Go to the folder list, open the _private folder, double click the results.csv file and look at the contents.