To Publish to remote site using  Front Page Server extension and create folder at same time.

    1. Click   Site on the menu bar,  Click on Publishing settings:   You will see: 














2. Click add you will see:











3. Fill in the form with the correct site, making sure that you add the folder name to the location so  it can be created:  you will see:
















4. Click add you will see: 

Make sure you select the one to be published and set to  default.   Click OK.


5. Then click site on the menu bar, click Publish.  You will see:

Click yes.

You will see:

6. Put in you user name and password:  You will see:  If you have more than one site listed then click in the connect to box and select the site you want to publish to:

7. Click on the publish site to destination arrow  you will see:


8. Your site is now published using frontpage server extensions.