Log onto a remote web site and creating the final project sub web.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Publish your local site final project.
2. Create sub web called final project to your assigned remote web site.  http://bcs.solano.edu/ewylie/????/finalproject
3. create a sub web called family to your assigned remote web site.  http://bcs.solano.edu/ewylie/????/family
3. Logon to the final project  remote web site.
Important Points: 


To Publish from local web site  (finalproject) to remote web site (finalproject).

1. Open you local web site finalproject:

2. Click file menu option, click publish site, You will see:

Publish Website Dialog Box

Select the FrontPage Server Extension radio button, in Remote Web location type: http://bcs.solano.edu/ewylie/????/finalproject, and click ok.   The ???? will be supplied to you by e-mail from your instructor.

3. You will see:

Publish web page

4. Click Yes,   you will see:

Local to Remote Publish

5. Make sure the local to remote radio button is selected, Then click publish web site.  You will see status of each page that has been published.  You can click to either view you remote web site or to open the remote site in expression web.  Additionally if you select the synchronize option you can do work on the remote and the local and then synchronize the local and remote with each other.

6. Repeat the above process to create a sub web called family that is subordinate to your assigned web site.  http://bcs.solano.edu/ewylie/????/family.  You will not be publishing to this site but will be creating a form and attaching it to an access database in the next unit.

Best Practices: