Publishing to an Apache Server using SFTP


Note: Your home web  page must be index.html for an apache server.

1. Click on Site on the menu bar, click Publishing Settings.  You will see:
Publishing Settings dialog box

Here you can select all subsites of the site being published by click in the include subsites check box.
2. Click on Add:  you will see:
Publilsh site add dialog box
a. type in the name of the site
b. Choose the connection type
c. browse to the location
d. Put in user name and Password.

You will see:
apache publish to using sftp
3. Fill out the form

a. Name: SFTPsite
b. Connection type: SFTP
c. Location: s * note when publishing to an nonexistant web site put the name here also and you will be asked to create the site.
d. User name - put the user name here
e. Password - put user password here.
f. Click add you will see:
Publising setting dialog box
g. If you have more than one site listed make the site you want to publish to the default.
h. Click OK.
4. Click site on the menu bar, click publishing. You will see:

Publishing web site

a. Click connect to the current publishing destingation you will see:


c. Click Yes,  you will see:
Publishing site to remote apache server

d. Select the site or folder that you want to publish then click the blue arrow to publish. You will see:

Published site

e. Click open you destination site in Expression web.  You will see:

SFTP site on apache server in expression web