Office 2007, Integrating Word and Excel


. Learn about object linking and embedding(OLE).
2. Embed an Excel chart in a Word document
3. Edit an embedded Excel chart in Word
4. Link an Excel worksheet to a Word document.
5. Update a linked excel worksheet
6. Test and break a link.

Important Points:

1. Object linking and embedding (OLE) is a way of transferring and sharing information between programs. Integration:
2. An object is anything that can be manipulated as a whole.
3. Source program is program used to create the object. Source file:
4. Destination program is the one the object will be inserted in. Destination file:
5. Embedding a copy of the object becomes part of the destination file.
6. Linking the object does not exist as a separate object in the destination file.

Embedding Linking
Description Displays and stores an object in the destination file. Displays an object in the destination file along with the source files location; stores the object in the source file.
Use if you want to Include the object in the destination file, and edit the object using the source program without affecting the source file. Edit the object in the source file and have the changes appear in the destination file
Advantages The source file and the destination file can be stored separately The destination file size remain fairly small.
Disadvantages The destination files size increases to reflect the addition of the object. The source and destination files must be stored together.

7. Embedding an excel chart into word. Open excel, select the chart, in the clipboard group on the home tab click copy, open  word, place your cursor where you want the chart in word, in teh clipboard group on the ome tab in the wor, click Paste button, in jdocument window, click poste options button, click excel chart.  or int eh clipborad goup on  the home tab in work, click past button arrown click paste special, click office excel chart object, , click OK.
8. Modify embedded object in word.  click the embedded chart, click layout tab on ribbon, in backgroupnd group, click your selection.
9. Linking an excel chart into word. Copy the excel chart, open word, place the cursor where you want the object to appear, edit, paste special, click past link, select option you want, click ok.
Choose this Paste options command: To do the following:
Chart (linked to exel data) link the pasted chart to the orginal excel workbook
Excel Chart(entire workbook) Embed the workbook in the document
Keep source Formatting Keep the theme colors and fonts used in the source fiel.
Paste as Picture Paste the object as a picture
Use Destination Theme Apply the theme colors and fonts used in the destination document

10. Updating linked object - Right click table in word, point to linked worksheet object, click links, click table in list, click open  source file opens. click in the excel window, enter/modify data into the spreadsheet, go back to word window, right click on table, click update link on short cut menu.
11. Updating link object when word is closed. go to excel, update the data, open up the word document and you will be asked if you want to update data, click yes.
12. Breaking a link - In word window, right click linked table, point to linked worksheet object, click links, click break link, click yes.