Tutorial 2
Adding and  Modifying text and Graphic Objects

Student Learning Outcomes:
a.Insert a graphic from a file
b.  Insert, resize and reposition clip asrt
c. Modify the colorand shape of a bitmapped graphic.
d. apply effects andstyles to a graphic.
e. Draw and format shapes
f. Add text to a shape
g. Insert andformat textboxes
h.Flip and rotate objects
i. Modify the slide Master
j. Create SmartArt diagrams
k.Modiy a SmartArt diagram
l. apply animations to graphics
m. customize animations
n. Insert headers on handouts and notes pages
o. Broadcast a presentation


Important Points:
1. Graphics -

Format Abbreviation Type
Windows Bitmap BMP Bitmap
Tagged Image File TIF Bitmap
Graphics Interchange Format GIF Bitmap
Portable Network Graphic PNG Bitmap
Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG Bitmap
Scalable Vector Graphic SVG VEctor
Windows Metafile WMF Metafile
Enhanced Metafile EMF Metafile
Bitmap is a grid  of square colored dots (Pixels) that  form a picture
Vector graphics is composed of stright and curved lines.
Metafiles contain both bitmaps and vectors.

a. Use graphics to present information that words aren't able to communicate.
b. Choose graphics appropriate to  your audience
c. Choose grphics that support your purpose.
2. Adding a Graphic from a File
a. open presentation Alaska and save as Alaskan Tours.
b. display slide 4
c. In the slides group on the home tab click layout tab, you will see:

layout dialog box

d., click two content layout, you will see:
slide with two content layout
e. click the Insert Picture from File button in the content placeholder.  You will see:
Insert Picture from file dialog box
f. Click Glacier, then click Insert, you will see:
Picture inserted in slide
3. Insert Clip art.
An animated GIF file is a  series of bitmapped images that are displayed one after another so that it looks like the image is moving..
a. Go to slide 2, click layout, and click tow content layout, then click the Clip Art button in the content placeholder, in the clip art pane type travel in the search for box, and slect all media file types, click the go button  you will see:
clip art dialog box
b. Click the suitcase and glob, then click the close button on the clip art pane. You will see:
clip art in slide
4. Resize the clip art by position the pointer over the upper right corner clicking a dragging until about twice the size, then reposition it to the top aligns with the top bulleted item and the right side with the d in land. You will see:
Image resized.
5. Align object in slide 4.  Click on slide 4, click the glacier paicture, press and hold the shift key and click the bulleted list text box. Click Picture Toold format tab, clic align button in arrange group, click align top.You will see the picture aligned with the top of the bulleted list.
picture aligned to top of bulleted list

6. Formatting Objects - Click the glacier pictue in slide 4.  Click picture Tools Format, click color button in the adjust group.  You will see:
color pallette
a.In the color tone group click temperature:7200K, in adjustment group click saturation:66%
b. change color of clip  art: Go to slide two, click on the clip art, click the picture tools format, click colory button you will see:
clip art picture color
c. clic Blue, Accent color 1 Dark.  YOu will see:
blue accent color dark color applied
d. Change border color, effect and shape of glacier picture: Go to slide four, click theglacier picture, click picture tool format, click picture border button arrow.
You will see:
Picture borders
e. Select light turuoise, Backgrund 2 color, then click the pricture border button point to wieght and clik 3 pt., then click Picture effects button, point to shadow, then clickoffset diagonal bottom right, in size group click crop button arrow,point to crop to shape, then clickOval shape.  You will see:
Picture formatted
f. apply style to graphic.  Go to slide 2, click the clip art, click picture tools format, click the more button , and then click Center shadow Rectangle:
You will see:
format clicp art
7. Drawing and formatting shapesgot to slide ten and in the lside pane and then change the layout to title only.  In the drawing group on the HOme tab, click the shapes button. you will see:
drawing tool bar

a. click the Isosceles Triangle shape, place the pointer one inch below the s in pillars, then press ahd hold the sift kem press and hold the mouse button, drage the point down and to the right and when the triangle is about 3 inches tall realse it and you will see:
isosceles tringle drawn

b. In the draqwing group click arrange b utton point to align and then click align center. You will see:

alignment dialog box.
c. Change color and stylie of triangle. In the shape styles group, click shape fill button arrow, clickkLime, accent 6, in the shape stylie group click the more button, click intense effect-Lime , accent 6.You will see:
color style
d. Add text to triangle. click on triangle, Type ACLT. You will see:

Text on graphic
f. Inserting and formatting Text Boxes.  Click the insert tab on the ribbon. Click the text box button.  You will see:

Text box inserted


g. Type Superior Tours.  Insert two moe text boxes.  Type Reasonable Prices, and Excellent Guides  You will see:
text boxes

h. change size of text in text boxes and shape:
Clic one tex bos hold down the shift key and click the other two text boxes, in font group click font size arrow and select 24, do the same for the Text on the shape.
You will see:


i. To flip the  triangle.  Select the triangle, click duawing tools format, in arrange group click rotate button, clicd flip vertical.  You will see:
flip vertical
j. To rotate and move text boxes: Click a text box, positiong the cursor over the green rotate handle and rotate and move the text boxes.  You will see:
text boxes rotated

8. Modifying the slide Master:  Slide master ensure tht all the slides in the presenttion have a similar appreance and contain the same elements. Display slide ten.click view tab on ribbon, click slide master.the view changes to slide master view and the slide mater tab appears on the ribbon. You will see:
slide master

a. To insert graphic on the slide master. Click insert, click picture button in images group. go to PowerPoint2/tutorial and click AKPanel.  You will see:

insert graphic
click insert.  You will see:

inserted graphic

b. In arrange group click align, click align left You will see:
align graphic

c. Modifying Text Placeholders - resize the title and content placeholders: In the slide pane click the title text placeholder, you will see sizing handles. Click on the left sizing handle and move it  to the right to where it is just to the right of the graphic.  You  will see:

title text box sized

d. Do the same with the content place holder:
e. Delete and reposition the text placeholders:  Click flow slide master, click the border of the date oplaceholder and press delete key.
f.  Select the footer placeholder, using the shift key select the content place holder, click the drawing tools format, click alighn , then aligh left. 


g.Modifyig the font style in the slide master.  Click the flow slide mater, select the title text place holder, click the home tab, click the bold button. Now select the Title slide Layout, click the title place holder, in ffont group click font color button and clect Yellow.  Close the Mater view. You will see:\

bold and yellow applied to master slides

9. Creating SmartArt diagrams.

Diagram Properties
List Shows a list ofitems in a graphical representation
Process Shows a sequenceof steps in aprocess
Cycle Shows aprocess that has acontiuuous cycle
Hierarchy Showsthe relationship between indiviuals
Releationship shows the relationship betweentow or more elements(Veen, radial and targert diagrams
Matrix Show data in a graid
Pyramid Showsfoundtion-based relationships
Pictue Provides a location for a picture or picutres

a. dispaly slide 7, in the content placeholder click insert SmartArt graphic button.  You will see:
Smart Art dialog bix

b. click the picture option on the left. You will see:

Insert picutre in smartart

c. Click the Accented Picture diagram (first diagram in first row) you will see:
Accented Picture wordart

d. Click OK  You will see:

accented picture dialog box

e. To add a picture to the diagram:  click the insert picture from file button you will see:

Insert Picture dialog box

f. Select ship and click insert you will see:
g. In the small  picture place holders insert Vistya, Casrbou, and flower  You will see:

picture inserted

h. Add label to SmartArt picture, click the textp placeholder in picture of ship, type One of  ur curise ships, in the text place holser of the glaicer picture type Approaching a glacier, Caribou, and Wildflowr goes on the other picture.  You will see:


i. Convert bulleted list into SmartArt.  Select slide 8, and click anywhere in the bulleted list, in paragraph group click converttoSmartArt Graphic. You will see:
Convert to SmartArt

j. In third row third column click Continous Block Process, you will see:

continious block

k. Save your work
l. Delete a shape and add a shape to SmartArt diagram:  Click on Enjoy Significant profits shape, then click delete. In the create graphic group on the disign tab, click add shape  button arrow  you will see:

Add shape to SmartArt

j.Click add shape before you will see:

Add shape before

k.In the text  pane empty bullet type Checkour Web site for updates on sales and promotions and then close the text pane.  You will see:

add smartart form

l. Apply a style to SmartArt diagram:.   In SmartArt styles, click the more button you will see:

Stylie more button

m.  Click Metallic Scene, you will see:

metallic style applied

n. Animating Graphics click slide 2 and then click the clip art., click the animations tab, click the more button, click split animation. do the same to slide 4. You will see:

Split Animation

o. Split animation applies to slide 2 graphic.
p. Go to slide 8 and Fly in from the animation group to the SmartArt Diagram. Alsoin the animation grup click Effect options and select one by one.

Effect options

q. customize animation direction:  click Effect Options and select from left.  Save you changes
10. Headers and footers on footers and handouts and note pages. Click insert tab, click header and footer button in text group. You will see:

Header and footer dialog box.

a. Click notes and handouts tab.  YOu will see:

Notes and handouts dialog box

b. click the header check box, in the header box, type Information for Travel Agents, click the footer check box, and  type Alaskan Tours 2013, and then click apply all.  You will see:
Header and footer dialog box

11. Check and review the presentation.  Click the Review tab, and then click the spelling button and check all of your slides.
12. Broadcasting a prensentation:  Go to www.windowslive.com in your browser.  Click sign in and  follow the directions.  Then  go  to the email you put in and you will have an email with sign in codes.
a. Click slide show tab, click Broadcast slide show., You will see:

Slide show broadcast dialog box

b. Click start Bradcast.You will see:
Log onto brodacast Windows Live Id