Tutorial 1 -
Creating a presentation

Student Learning Objectives:

a. Plan and crate a new presentation
b. Crate a title slide and slides with butteted lists
c. Change the theme
d. Open an existing PowerPoint presentation
e. edit and  format text in the slide pane
f. Use Autocorrect
g. Rearrange text in the OUtline tab
h. Rearrange slides in Normal and slide sorter view
i. Delete slides
j. View a slide show
k. Create a new presentation based on an existing one
l. Animate slide titles and bulleted  lists
m. Apply transitions
n. Insert footer text, slide numbers, and the date on the slide
o. Create spearker notes
p. Check  thespelling in a presentation
q. Preview and print slides, handouts, spearker notes, and the outline

Importan Points:
1. Planning a presentation
a. What is  thepurpose of you presentation?
b. Who is youyr aduience?
c. Howmuch time do you have for the presentation?
d. Will your audience benefit from printed output?
2. Creating a title slide:
a. placeholder is a region of a slide reserved for inserting text or graphics.
b. Text placeholder contain text.
c. Title text placeholder hold  presentation title.
d. subtitle tex placeholder contain a subtitle for the presentation.
3. Start PowerPoint you will see:
powerpoint opening screen

a. In the title box type Share-My-Toys, int the sub title box type you first and last name. You will see:
title slide with data

4. Adding a new slide and choosing layout
a. Built in layout in powerpoint.

Layout Description
Title Slide Contain the presentation title and a subtitle most often first slde in prensentation
Title and content The most commonly used layout, can cantain bulleted list or graphic in addition to title
Section Header Contains a section title and text that describes the presention section
Two Content two sise-by-side content placeholders, each of which can contain a bulleted list or a graphic
Comparison Same as two content with placeholder above the content placeholder tolabel the content.
Title only Includes only a title text placeholder for the slide title.
Blank Does not contain any placeholders
Content with Caption contains a content placeholder, a titel placholder, text placeholder to describe the content, subitible for photo or  other graphics.
Picture with Caption Similar  to the content with Caption layout, but with a picture placeholder instead of a content placeholder

b. In slide group on the home tab click new slide. You will see:
New slide

c. Type in the title text place older What is Share-My-Toys?
d. Click the New Slide button arrow.  You will see:
New slide options button
e. Click on the two content option.  You will see:
two content slide
f. click in the title place holder and type How do I join?
g. Go back to slide 2 and make it active in the design widow.
h. Type in the first bullet list A timeshare for recreational equipment co-op, hit enter and type Shared owernship of:; touch enter, then hit the tab key and type Snowmobiles, touch enter and type Boats, touch enter and type Waverunners, touch enter type ATVs, touch enter and type RVs, touch enter ant type Camping gear.  You will see:
Slide using bullet list
i. Type a t next to the last bulleted item and you will see the auto fit button.  Click the down arrow on the button you will see:

auto fil drop down list

j. The options will not be changed for this slide so click anywhere on the slide to close the auto fit options.
k. The last bulleted item will not be used so press blackspace to delete the T and the bullet and save the slide.
5. Using themes:
a. Click the design tab and then click the themes button and then click more themes.  You will see:

themes dialog box
b. Click Waveform theme then click save as the theme has been applied to the slides.
You will see:
Waveform theme applied to presentation

c. Close down powerpoint.

6. Opening an Existing Presentation.
a. click file, click open and navigate to the PowerPoint tutorial folder and click Sales2.  You  will see:
Sales Update

b. Click file, save as, and change  the name to Sales Updated
7. Editing text on a slide
a. . To select and format test on slide 8:  In the side pane drag the scroll bar to where you can see slide 8  and click on it.  You will see:
How do I join slide 8

b. Click on the second bullet item and place the cursor right in front of the 3 in the address and hold down the shift key and highligtht the text to the 0 in the zip code.  You will see:
address highlighted
c. Click the home tab, click the Bold button, click the text shadow button in the font group. You will see:
Text with bold and show applied
d. Now highlight the phone number in the first bullet item and the web address in the thrid bulleted item and apply bold and shadow.  You will see:
text bold and shadowed

8. Move text on a slide.  Go to slide 3, double click the word co-op in the first bulleted item. You will see:
selected text

a. Put the cursor on the selected text then press and hold down the left mouse button and drag the text to the until the vertical bar is to the left of for and release the mouse.
You will see:
moveing text by dragging

b. Now we will move the third bulletted item below the fourth bulleted item.  Double click the third bulleted item, then click and drag below the fourth.  You will see:
 bulleted item moved
c. To undo the movement of the bulleted item.  Click the undo button.
9. Copy text from slide 3 to slide 4 On slide three select the text waverunner, click copy button in the clipboard group. In slide four place the cursor right after the word kayak, press the spacebar if necessary then click paste button in the clipboard group. You will see the paste options button click it.You will see:
text pasted
a. the fist paste option is Use destination theme - changes to match formatting where it is pasted
b. secod paste option is Keep source formatting - original formatting of the pasted text.
c. third paste option is Picture - pastes the text as an image.
d. fourth paste option is Keep text only - picks up formatting of new location
e. do not select any of the options.
10. Create a new bulleted item and use autocorrect:
a. on slide 4 click right in front the waverunner and touch enter and then click after the word waverunner and touch the space bar autocorrect will capatilise the w in waverrunner.  you will see:
New bulleted item

11. Editing text in the outline tab.
a. In the left pane click outline tab, click slide 8 You will see:
Outline tab

b. Changing a second level bullet into a first level is called promoting.  Moving it to a lower in the outline is called demoting. click side 4, position the pointer over the bullet to the left of Ski boak and click selecting the ski boat bulleted item.  Press the tab key and it becomes a second level bulleted item.  You will see:
Demoting a bulleted item
c.click the bullet next to Canoe, press the shift key and click the bullet next to Kayak.  Click the increase list level button in the paragraph group and both bullets become second-level bullets.  You will see:
demoting two bulleted items

d. Promote one bulleted item to slide title.  click slide 3.click the bullet to the left of Advantages, Press shift-Tab the seleted text becomes a new slide You will see:
Promoting in outline form
e. Move a bulleted item in outline tab: Move the pointer over the last bulleted item in slide 3 Press and hold the left mouse button and drag it down above the second bulleted item in slide 4. You wiil see:
drag and drop to another slide
12. Rearranging slide in slide sorter view. On the status bar click slide sorter button.  You will see:
Slide sorter view

a. Drag Sled 2 down so the vertical line is t6o the right of slide 6. Release the mouse button.  You will see:
using slide sorter to rearrange slides

13. Cut and paste a slide.  Cllick on slide 2, click the cut button in the clicpboard group, click side 5, then click paste.  Slide 2 becomes slide 6.
14. Deleting slides.   Click on the slide, right click, click delete slide .
15. Running a slide show.
a. clic k slide show ta b on ribbon, click from beginning, press thespacbar or click mouse to advance to next slide or right click on screen, point to go to slide, then click the slide you want.
16. Creating presentation based on an existing presentation:  click file, click new you will see:
new file dialog box


a. click new from existing, navigate to tutorial folder you will see:
tutorial folder


 b. click plan, click create new,  You will see:
new presentation dialog box
c. Click file, save as, name it business plan.
17. Animating Text - when apply an animation to text it is applied to all text in the text box. A bulleted list when animated uses the default of progressive disclourse in which bulleted items appear one at a time. Animation effects are grouped into four types.
a. Entrance: text and objects animate as they appear on the slide.
b. Emphasis: text and object already visible change or move
c. Exit: Tex and objects leave the screen before the slide show advances.
d.Motion Paths:text and objects follow a path on a slide.
18. Animating slide titles and bulleted lists.
a. Display slide 2 in the slide pane, click animations tab on the ribbon, click the title, click the more button on the animation panel you will see:
animation dialog bar

b. Click the brush color button you will see:
brush color animation applies
c. The title slide become the color of the brush as it sweeps right to left.  Apply the brush color to all the slide titles.
d. To remove animation.  Got to slide one and click on the title text, in the animation group click the more button then click the none button. This will remove the animation from the title of slide 1.
e. To animate the bulleted lists:  go to slide 9 and click anywhere in the bulleted list, in the animation group click the float in button, the repeat the process except apply the fly in button and do the same to slides 3 thourgh 7. and the paragraph on slide 2.  When you run the slide show the bullete items will fly in from the bottom.
f. Modify the start timeing of an animation.Go to slide 7 and duble click Risks the first bullete item. Under risk click the fist subbullet.You will see:
Timing of animation
g. The numbers to the left indicate the animation sequence.  Risk is two, rewards is three.Click the first sub bullet under risk, hold the control key down and click on the remaining sub bullets, then go to the timing group, click on the start arrow and click On Click.  you will see:

Timing group changje

h.  The sub bullets are now numbered 3,4,5, 6,7 and 8 which is the sequence they will fly in.
19. Adding Transitions: Click the Transitions tab on the ribbon. clik the puth button, then click the more button you will see:
transition menu
a. click the flip button and then click the cube button.
b. To apply cube to all of the slides click thepreview  button, in the timing group click apply to all and the cube transiion is applied to all the slides.
c. to apply a different transition to slide 8.  click slide 8 thumbnail, click the more button in the transition group, click the blinds button.
20. Inserting footers, slide numbers and the date.  click insert tab, in text grouup click header and footer button. You will see:
Header/footer dialog box
a. click  the footer check box and typein the footer text box Share-My-Toys.  click the slide  number check box, click the data and time check box, click the update automaticallly if needed. click don"t show on title slide, You will see:
Header footer dialog box
b. click apply to all. The dialog box closes and all the slides except the title slide have a footer, slide number and date.
21. Using speaker notes: click slide 6, click on click to add notes in the note pane, and type Pass out marketing plan handouts. click view on the ribbon, click notes page button.  You will see:
notes page preview
22. Checking the spelling:
Click file, options, Proofing, click Use contextual spelling.  You will see:
Option dialog box
a. click slide 5, right click duble on slide 5.  You will see:
spelling check dialog
b. click double.
c. to check the spelling of the whole presentation.  click Review tab, in proffing group click spelling you will see:
Spelling dialog box
d. choose double by clicking change then continue checking the slide show.
23. Previewing and printing a presentation.
a. click file tab, click the print tab you will see:
Print screen
a. Select the print from the list, click the color button, click grayscale if printing in color click grayscale and click color. click the custom Range, type1 in the slide box, click next page, click print.
24. Print all the slides as a handout. click File, click print, int the setting section click ful page slides button.  You will see:
handout dialog box
a. In the handouts section clik 9 slides horizontal nyou will see:

slides as handout


b. go to the slides box and delete what is in the slides box and then click on print.
25. Print nonsequential slides containing speaker notes:
a.Open print tab and cick the
Notes Page,in slides box type 4,6 and click print.
26. Print as an outline on a single page. 
a.opent the  print tab , click notes pages, then click outline, click custom rang ebutton, click print all slides, click scale to fit Paper. click print.