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Ph.D. Educational Psychology, University of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, CA. June 1981. Dissertation: A Comparison Between Identified Child Abusers and Selected Non-Clinical Community College Students.
National Science Foundation Scholar -Psychology, University of South Dakota 1970-1971.
MA Psychology, California State University, San Jose, CA. January 1970. Thesis: A Demographic and Personality Study of 19 Convicted Child Abusers in Santa Clara County.
BA Psychology, California State University, San Jose, CA. June 1967.
U.S. Navy Military Schools -1958-64
    Electronics Class A Great Lakes, Illinois 58-59
    Nuclear Weapons Class A Albuquerque, New Mexico 59
    Nuclear Weapons Class B Norfolk, Virginia 60
    Nuclear Weapons Class C Jacksonville, Florida 60
    Atomic, Biological, & Chemical Warfare Mayport, Florida 60
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal, SCUBA School Portsmouth, Virginia 60

Post Ph.D. Education

Chapman University- 9 units  graduate Psychology 1986, 1994
Cal State Univ. Sacramento 3
units graduate Psychology 1987
National Univ. Sacramento
3 units graduate Psychology 1987
Univ. of Cal. Davis Extension -
6 units graduate Psychology 1981
Solano Community College - 24 units Computer Sciences 1981-1999
Alan Hancock Community College -
21 units Computer Sciences 1983-84


Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor California License No. 5769 August 1972- January 2012.  Retired License
California Community College Counselor Credential No. 23 8 WYL 001 -321808. July 1986.
California Community College Instructors Credential Computer & Related Technologies: Psychology. No. 23 8 WYL 002 February 1987
Standard Teaching Credential State of California. Specialization in Junior College Teaching. Psychology/Sociology. No. 16182 March 1970.
California Teacher Association, Member 1988-2013
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Member 1974-2012
American Child Abuse Prevention Society, Clinical Member 1972-2001.
California Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, Clinical Member 1974--2012

Teaching Experience:


Instructor Solano Community College. 2000 Suisun Valley Rd. Suisun City , CA 94534  (707) 864-7179. CIS55 Intro to DOS, CIS56 Advanced DOS, CIS 61 Web Page Design(online also), CIS76 Dbase IV Applications, CIS77 Advanced Dbase IV programming, CIS 78 Database Mgt. Systems Access (online also) 2000,CIS87 Telecommunications, CIS88 LAN’s, CIS1 Introduction to Computer Science. CIS184a –Introduction to the Internet, CIS98a – Introduction to MS Windows 95. CIS 50 - Intro Computer Applications(online also), CIS 22 Introduction to Programming using C, CIS23 Advanced Programming using C++, CIS 15 Java.  Supervisor: Chris Rohden. August 1991 to 2013. Retired May 2013.  Adjunt Jan 2014 online.  May 2014 Emeritus Retire California State Assembly, Solano College.
Instructor: Chapman University. 530 Link Road. Suisun City, CA, 94585 (707)864-3356.. CPSC315 – Introduction to Telecommunications. CPSC515 Data Systems Management. CS218 Cobol, Ed551 Computers in Education, Supervisor: Emily Berinia , Ph.D. January 1994 to 2002.
Instructor, Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Adult School. 1100 Civic Circle Dr. Fairfield, CA 94533 (707) 421-4155. Responsible for curriculum design and course development for staff at David Grant Medical Center USAF Hospital Travis AFB, CA. Computer Fundamentals, MIS Procedures, MS-DOS, DBASEIII+,DBASEIV, Wordstar 5.5, Wordperfect 5.1,& 5.2 for Windows, PCPaint, Norton Commander, Fastback, Lotus 123 v. 2.2 3.1,& 4.0 for Windows. Enable Wordprocessor, Database, Spreadsheet, Graphics, Menus, Macros, and Procedural Command Language, Word, Excel, and Access. Business Math, ABE Math, GED Math. Supervisor: Vivian Donhoue. September 1988 to August 1998.
Instructor Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Education Center. Bld 249 Travis AFB, CA 94535 (707) 437-5464. Instructor of Computer Science 105, 109 - Computers in Aviation. SS231 Personality Theories: Supervisor: Pat Phillips, M.A. August 1987 to 1992
Instructor Golden Gate University. Education Center. Bld 249 Travis AFB, Ca. MIS, Lotus 123. 1989-90


Instructor: City University. 675 N. First Street. Suite 110, San Jose, Cal 95112. (800)648-2489.MCC 501 Human Sexuality and Child Abuse, MCC 503 Personality Assessment, MCC 514 Cultural Dynamics, MCC 520 Psy.. Assessment and Measurement, EGG 506 Family Structures, HBD514 Parenting Theories, MCC 621, 622, 623 Counseling practicum, Supervisor: Al Dixon, Ed.D. September 1994 to 1998
Instructor: Chapman University. 530 Chadborne Road Suisun City, CA, 94585 (707)438-0108. Psy. 303 Statistics, Psy. 403 Advanced Statistics, Psy. 501 Intro. to Counseling, Psy. 430 Research Design, Psy. 432 Psy.. Assessment and Measurements, Psy. 532 Advance Research Design. Psy. 687, 688, 689 Counseling practicum. Supervisor: Carley Dufer, Ph.D. January 1994 to 2002.
Instructor Los Medanos College. 2700 E. Leland Road Pittsburgh, CA 94565 (415) 439-2181. Instructor of Behavior Science 11L - General Psychology Supervisor: Shirley Baskin, M.A. January 1988 to June 1988.
Instructor, Chapman College, Education Center Building 249, Travis AFB, CA 94535. Provided Academic counseling and taught Group Dynamics, Personality Theories, Intro to Psychometrics, Supervisor: Dean Lobaugh, Ph.D.: January 1972 to January 1982
Instructor University of South Dakota, Extension Vermillion, South Dakota. Provide academic counseling and taught child development, introduction to sociology and group dynamics. Supervisor: George Breed, Ph.D. September 1970 to June 1971.

Computer Systems Experience:

Systems Manager Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Adult School. 1100 Civic Circle Dr., Fairfield, CA 94533 (707) 421-4155. Responsible for computer maintenance, primary trouble shooting, modifications, hardware and software installation Apple IIe's, AppleGS's, Apple LC300's on Digicard Network running Mandrake Operation System (90 to 94). Responsible for Network administration, Internet interfacing, computer maintenance, trouble shooting, modifications, expansion, hardware and software installation on Novell 4.1 two server, 87 PC workstations, 28 Mac workstations and 26 printer node LAN that is connected to the District WAN. Work directly with administrators, teachers, counselors, clerical staff, vendors and district support staff as a member of the technology committee to automate administration, academics, and counseling/assessment . Provide administrative staff with hardware and software updates and meet their DSS needs. Develop web pages for adult school. . Supervisor Jan Hannigian, 1990 to 10/1/98
Consultant on Vax and Novell 4.1 network. San Francisco Heart Institute at Seton Medical Ctr. 1900 Sullivan Ave. Daily City, Ca. 94015-2229. (415)863-2020. Trains staff on using WordPerfect 5.1 in the VAX environment. Design and setup database in Access 2.0 on Novel 4.1 server attached to VAX. Download WordPerfect 5.1 files into Word 6.0 and Database files into Access 2.0 from the VAX to workstations. . Supervisor: Richard Shaw, Ph.D. 1993 to 2002.
Systems Analyst, Analyst, Master Security Officer. Solano County Economic Opportunity Council Suisun, CA 94585 (707) 422-7763. Responsible for integration of information technologies in multi-faceted service agency. IBM System 36, 12 Smart Terminals, 18 Workstations. Computerized the following Departments: Head start, Summer Youth Employment and Training Program, Volunteer Program, Fiscal, Homeless Shelter, Solano County Community Services Project, Senior Meals, Too Busy, Accounting, Planning, E&H Transportation and Central Kitchen Inventory. Write programs in RPGII to automate assessment of clients and to share data across databases. Use SDA,QLA, and RGA. Set up workstations at CAC located in each city in Solano County. Install modems and set up connectivity via modem to main office. Supervisor: F.J. Netto, M.A. October 1984 to December 1989.
U.S. Navy – Nuclearweaponsman – Electronic maintenance and trouble shooting of fire control computers, computer testing equipment, and weapon to delivery systems configuration to Missile Systems, Aircraft Delivery, and Projectile Delivery Systems. 1958-61 active duty – USS Saratoga, 1962-64 Reserves.


Clinical Counseling/Supervision:

Private Practice: MFCC Supervisor. Supervision of Registered MFCCI's, Assessment, Diagnosis of Mental Disorders and Outpatient Psychotherapy. Primarily work with Divorce & Custody Mediation, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Anger Management, PTSD syndrome utilizing individual, martial, group, and family treatment modalities.545 Solano St. Suite A, Suisun City, CA, 94585. 707.425.7085 1986 to 2012.
MFCC Supervisor/ MFCC Screening Committee: Chapman University. 530 Chadborne Road. Fairfield, Ca. 94585 (707)438-0108. Develop assessment and screening protocol, chair meetings, set agenda, coordinate MFCC training sites and supervise MFCC student trainees. Supervisor: Carle Dufer, Ph.D. January 1994 to 2002
Executive Director, Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor/MFCC Supervisor American Child Abuse Prevention Society, 411 Main St., Suisun City, CA 94585. Assessment, Diagnosis of Mental Disorders and Outpatient Psychotherapy . Supervised MFCC interns. Supervised 32 professional and clerical staff at four outpatient Psychotherapy clinics. Directed research on the development of psychotherapeutic techniques to treat child abuse and domestic violence. Provided Divorce and Custody Mediation. Responsible for grant proposals, curriculum design and course development for adult classes on parenting and child abuse. Conducted workshops on child abuse. August 1972 to October 1985


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