Using Elcipse for JAVA programming:

Initial Settings are the perspective, project, and class.

1. Start Elcipse when the workspace opens up click window, open perspective, click java.  You will see:


Opening elcipse and setting features

2. Now click file new, jave project.  You will see:


Creating Java project

3. The java new project screen comes up you will see:

Starting new  project

a. type in the project name in the Project Name box, if the default location is not what you want, remove the check mark, browse to where you want to store  the project then set it as default.  Accept the dafults and click finish. 

4. Class - click file,new, class  You will see:

creating a class

a. When you clik class you will see:
class settings

b. In the source folder browse you will see:

Source folder
c.The project name is Jan 23, and select src as the source folder and  click OK.  You will see:

class settings

d. Fill the name box with the name of the project and click the publickstatic void main(string([arg]) check box, click finish you will see:

workspace settings
You have now set Ecipse to work with Java, create the project jan23, and created the class Jan23 and are ready to program.