Word 2007, Editing and Formatting a document

Student Learning Outcome:

1. Check spelling and grammar
2. Select and delete text
3. Move text within the document.
4. Find and replace text
5. Change margins, line spacing, alignment, and paragraph indents
6. Copy formatting with the format painter
7. Change fonts and adjust font sizes
8. Emphasize points with bullets, numbering, bold, underlining, and italic
9. Change the document theme
10. Preview and print a document.

Important Points:

1. To open a document. Click the office button, click open, select the document to open, click the open button.
2. To save document with new name: Click of office button, click Save as, select where you want to save it, click in the file name and type in the file name , click save. .
3. To check entire document for spelling and grammar errors: move insertion point to beginning of document (ctrl+Home) , click spelling and grammar button on tool bar, to change to suggestion offered click change, to ignore click ignore for words, and ignore rules for grammar errors.
4. To create a custom dictionary click Click the office button, click proofing, suggest from main dictionary only check box is clear, click custom dictionaries, click on the dictionary you want, or new or add, then click ok.
5. Methods for selecting text.

To Select Mouse Keyboard Mouse and Keyboard
A word Double Click the word Move the insertion point to the beginning of the word, hold down CTRL + Shift, and then press
A line Click the selection bar next to the line. Move the insertion point to the beginning of the line, hold down Shift, and then press
A sentence Click at the beginning of the sentence, then drag the pointer until the sentence is selected. Press and hold down the Ctrl Key, and click within the sentence.
Multiple lines Click and drag in the selection bar next t the lines. Move the insertion point to the beginning of the first line, hold down Shift, and then press
A paragraph Double click in the selection bar next to the paragraph, or triple-click within the paragraph. Move the insertion point to the beginning of the paragraph, hold down, Ctrl+Shift, and then press
Multiple paragraphs Click in the selection bar next to the first paragraph in the group, and then drag in the selection bar to select the paragraphs. Move the insertion point to the beginning of the first paragraph, Hold down Ctrl+Shift, and then press until all the paragraphs are selected.
An entire document Triple-click in the selection bar. Press Ctrl+A Press and hold down the Ctrl key and click in the selection bar.
A block of text Click at the beginning of the block, then drag the pointer until the entire block is selected. Click at the beginning of the block, press and hold down the Shift key, and then click at the end of the block.
Nonadjacent locks of text Press and hold the Ctrl key, then drag the mouse pointer to select multiple blocks of nonadjacent text.

6. Deleting text - Delete Key, Back space, highlight text and type new text, highlight blocks of text and delete.
7. Dragging and dropping text: select the text, press and hold down the mouse while you drag and release at new position.
8. Cutting or copying and pasting text. To cut remove text from the document and places it in the clipboard. To copy meant to copy text to the clipboard leaving the original where it was. To paste means to transfer copy from clipboard to document. Cut and paste is use to move text.
9. Clipboard task pane show you up to 24 items that have been sent to the clipboard.
9a. To insert copied text into new document: Click the office button, click new, verify blank document is selected, click create. Open the clipboard, select the text and insert.
10. Finding and Replacing Text: to use the find command, click find or replace button on the home tab, type in the text you want to fine, click find next. To replace text, click on the replace tab of the find and replace dialog box, type in search text, type in replacement text, select a search option, click replace to find and replace each occurrence or click replace all.
11. Page Orientation: portrait orientation page is longer than it is wide: landscape orientation page is wider than long.
12. Changing Margins: Make sure no text is selected Click the page layout tab, in the page setup group click margins button, select one of the predefined margins or click custom margins, set your margins, select apply to. click ok.
13. Changing Line Spacing: Select paragraph or multiple paragraphs, click on the home tab, click in the styles group, right click normal, click modify, under formatting click the spacing desired.
14. Aligning Text: Select text. Click home tab, in the paragraph group select either Left Alignment, right alignment, center or justified by click on one of them. .
15. Indenting a Paragraph - Click the increase or decrease button for .5 inches each time you click.
16. Hanging indent- all line except the first line of the paragraph are indented from the left margin.
17. Right indent all line are indented from the right margin.
18. Format Painter - Used to copy formatting of text to other text. Select the text with the format you want, in the clipboard group, double click Format Painter (once to apply to one object, twice to apply to multiple objects), go to the text that you want to apply the format to and click.
19. Bullets and Numbers- A bullet is a graphic, a number is a number. Select the text and then in the paragraph group Click either bullets or numbering button arrow to drop down a list of bullets or number formats. Click on the one of your choice.
20. Fonts and Font size: Select the text, click font list arrow and chose font. Click font size arrow and select the size. OR click format on menu bar, click font, select the font and the size.
21. Bold - select text and click bold button in the font group. To remove bold, select bolded text and click on bold button to turn off.
22. Underline - select text and click underline in the font group. To remove underline, select under line text and click on under line button.
23. Italicize - select text and click italicize in the font group. To remove italicize, select text that is underlined and click on the underline button in the font group

Key Board Short Cuts
Bold Ctrl+B
Italicize Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Single space Ctrl+1
double space Ctrl+2
Select entire document Ctrl+A
Cut selected text Ctrl+X
Copy selected text Ctrl+C
Paste text Ctrl+V


24. Key Tips - access key can be used to select buttons and commands. Press Alt key and tab first character.
25. Theme controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects. (use no more than two fonts)
26. in the font group click the font arrow for list of available fonts, select font, select font size.
27. Change a theme- click page layout tab, click themes, choose the theme you want
28. Preview a document: Click the the office button, pint to print, click print preview.
29. Print a document: Click the office button, point to print, click print button, check print settings, and then click ok.