Word 2010 Tutorial 1
Creating a document



1. Enter a date with AutComplete
2. Enter Text
3. Select text and move the insertion point
4. Correct errors and proofread a document
5. Adjust paragraph spacing, line spacing, and margins
6. Preview and print a document
7. Create a new document
8. Create an envelope
9. Open an existing document
10.Change page orientation
11. Apply text effects and other formatting
12. Align text
13. Insert a paragraph border and shading.

Important Points.

1.Four steps to a professional document.
2. Planning.
3. Creating and Editing
4. Formatting
5. Printing
6. To start word: Click on start, point to all program, point to Microsoft Office, click word 2010.
7. Default settings control how the screens set up and how a document looks.

Screen Element Description
File Provides access to the Word Options dialog box and to commands that control what you can do with a document that you have created, such as saving, printing, and so on.
Rulers Show page margins, tabs, row heights, and column widths.
insertion point Shows where characters will appear when you star typing
Ribbon Provides access to commands that are grouped according to the tasks you perform in Word
Tabs Provide one click access to the groups of commands on the Ribbon;  the tabs you see change depending on the task you are currently performing.
Quick Access Toolbar Provides access to common commands you use frequently, such as save
View Buttons Allow you to change the way the document is displayed button right corner of status bar
Paragraph mark Marks the end of a paragraph

8. Click file and you will see:

Word window


8a..  Click options you will see:

Options Menu

9. Selecting print layout - Click the print layout button in the bottom right corner of the status bar. .
10. To display the ruler: Click View, in the show hide group locate the ruler check box and select it.
11. To select font: In the Font group on the home tab, locate the Font and Font Size boxes. Click the font list arrow and select the desired font then click the Font Size list arrow and select the font size you desire.
12. To display non-printing characters: Click Show/Hide button in the paragraph group on the home tab.
13. The bottom status bar indicates Page #, Section #, Insertion point, and line number and vertical location
14. To insert blank lines: Hit enter
15. To start a new document click blank document in the new document task pane.
16. To save a document. Click save on the standard toolbar. Click the save in drop down box and select the location to save the file, click the filename text box and type in the name, click the save as type if you are saving other than word and select the type and click save.
17.Scrolling is the process of going up or down in the document to display different sections. Click the up arrow or the down arrow, drag the scroll box up or down.
18. Correcting errors: delete key, back space key
19, AutoCorrect automatically correct common typing errors.
20. Spelling and Grammar checker continually checks your document. Red is misspelling, green is grammar, right click word and select correction, select option of replace or ignore.
21. AutoCorrect option button use to undo a change or prevent autocorrect from making the same change in the future.
22. Insert date with AutoComplete, enter the first few characters of the month.
23. Key strokes for moving insertion point.

Press To move the insertion point
leftorright Left or right one character at a time
upordown Up or down one line a time
leftrighoneword Left or right one word at a time
updownparagraph Up or down one paragraph at a time
Home or End to the beginning or to the end of the current line
Ctrl + Home or Ctrl-End To the beginning or to the end of the document
Page Up or Page Down To the previous screen or to the next screen
Alt+Ctrl+Page Up or Alt+Ctrl+Page Down To the top or the bottom of the document window

24. Click the Undo button to reverse the very last thing you did. (undo is your friend)
25. Click the Redo button to reverse the action of the undo button.
25. Paragraph can be a group of words, single word or even blank line.
27. Line spacing determines the amount of space between lines of text within a paragraph.
28. Paragraph spacing determines the amount of space before and after a paragraph and is measured in points that are 1/72 of an inch.
29. Selection bar is the blank space in the left margin of the document-

Methods for selecting text:

To Select Mouse Keyboard Mouse and Keyboard
a word double click word Move insertion point to beginning of the word, hold down Ctrl+Shift, and the press rightarrow
a line Click the selection bar next tot he line Move the insertion point to the beginning of the line, hold down Shift, ten then press downarrow
a sentence Click at the beginning of the sentence, then drag the pointer until the sentence is selected Press and hold down Ctrl, and then click within the sentence
Multiple lines Click and drag in the selection bar next to the lines Move the insertion point to the beginning of the first line, hold down Shift, and the press downarrow
A paragraph Double-click in the selection bar next to the paragraph, or triple-click within the paragraph Move the insertion point to the beginning of the paragraph, hold down Ctrl+Shift, and then press downarrow
Multiple paragraphs Click in the selection bar next to the first paragraph in the group, and then drag in the selection bar to select the paragraphs Move the insertion point to the beginning of ;the first paragraph, hold down Ctrl+Shift, and then press downarrow
An entire document Triple-click in the selection bar Press Ctrl+A Press and hold down Ctrl, and then click in the selection bar
A block of text Click at the beginning of the block, and then drag the pointer until the entire block is selected Click at the beginning of the block, press and hold down Shift, and then click at the end of the block
Nonadjacent blocks of text Press and hold down Ctrl, and then drag the mouse pointer to select multiple blocks of nonadjacent text.

30. To adjust line spacing - In the paragraph group on the home tab, click line spacing button and choose the spacing desired.
31. A Smart Tag is a feature that allows you to perform actions that would normally require a completely different program.
32. To remove smart tag: move the cursor over the smart tag, click the drop down button, select remove this smart tag.
33. To print preview Click file, point to print, click print preview.
34. To print a letter: click file, click print, print dialog opens, click ok if the options you want are selected.
30. To create an envelope: Click file, click new, click blank document, clack create, click mailing on the ribbon, click envelopes, type the  correct address in the deliver address box, type a return address if necessary,  to Print immediately click print, to store with document click add to document button.
31. To close a document click the close window button on the menu bar.

32. To open an existing document - click file, click open, navigate to the document, click the document, click open. You will see:

Open existing document
33. To save the document with a new name - click file, click save as, navigate to where you want to save the document, click in the name box and give the document the name you want, click save. You will see:

Save as dialog box.

34. To change page orientation. Click page layout tab, click orientation in page setup group, click landscape,
35. To change font and font size. Click the font arrow and select the font you want.  Click the size arrow and select the size you want.
36. To make text stand out use text effects. Click the text effects down arrow and choose the effect you want.
37. Using Format Painter: Select the text with the formatting that you want to copy. Click format painter once to apply to a single group of text or click format painter twice to apply to multiple groups of text.  Drag the pointer over the text you want to format. 
38. Aligning Text-  Select text then in the paragraph choose, left, right, centered or justified alignment.
39. Adding a paragraph border and shading. Select the text, in the paragraph group click border button arrow.  Select the border style you want. For shading click the shading button arrow and select the shading you want.
40. To Insert a photo.  Place your cursor where you want the photo to appear, Click insert, click picture,  you will see:

Insert Picture into document

navigate to and select the picture you want, click insert.
41. To delete a picture, select the picture, click the delete key.