Word 2010 Tutorial 3
Creating a multi-page report

Work with a documents's heading in the navigation pane
2. Create and edit a table
3. Sort rows in a table
4. Modify a table's structure
5. Format a table
6. Set tab stops
7. Create footnotes and endnotes
8. Divide a document into sections
9. Create a Smartart graphic
10. Create headers and footers
11. Insert a cover page.

Important Points

1. From within the navigation pane you can promote a subordinate heading or you can demote a heading to a subordinate heading.
2. Tables - each row and column intersection is called a cell.  Data in the cell is called a field.  A complete set of informations is called a record.  The row at the top of a table is called the header row and usually consist of the field names.  Fields make a record, records make a table.
3. Insert a table - click insert tab, click table button, select the number of rows and columns you want.
4. Enter data into table - click on the cell you want to enter data and type the data in.
5. Add a row to a table -put the insertion point in the botom-right cell and press tab.
6. To format the header row - move the cursor to the left of the top row unti it changes to a right-facing arrow.  click the mouse button which selects the header row, then apply the formatting you want.
7. To sort rows - make sure insertion point is in table, click table tools layout tab, click sort, you will see:

Sort Dialog Box
8. To insert a column - click any cell in the desired column, In the rows and columns grougp, click insert right button.
9. to delete a row -select the row, click the delete button in the rows and columns group.
10. To change the width of a column. - double click the mouse button after the mouse has changed to two vertical lines with arrows on the column line or click any cell and click auto fit button in the cell size group, then click autfit contents.
11. Formatting a table with a table style. Click in the table, click table tools design tab, click the more button, select the table style you want. Banded rows and columns use alternating band of color.
12. Setting tab stops - Left tab, right tab, center tab, bar tab, decimal tab

tab stops

13.  Click on the left tab and drag it to the position on the ruler where you want the tab.  Click on the tab selector to change tabs.
14. Footnote is an explanatory comment that appears at bottom of page. A superscipt (reference marker) is attached to the footnote.
To insert a foot note place your cursor in the text, click references tab, click insert footnote.
15. Endnotes appear at the end of a section or document.  To insert ennote click references tab, clck insert endnote.
16. To insert a section break.  Click page layout tb, click breaks in the page setup group, under sections breaks click next page..
17. To format a section as landscape. place your cursor where you want it.  click view tab , in zoom group0 click two pages, click page layout tab, click orientation, click landscape.
18. Smart Art graphic is a diagram or chart that illustrates concepts.
19. Create a smartart-click insert, in illustrations group click smartart, you will see:
Selecting a

20. Choose the smart art you want.  Choosing the basic block list you will see:
Basic block List
21. Headers and Footers - Click insert, click header or footer you will see:

Header dialog box

22. Select the header or footer style you want.
23. Insert a cover page - click insert, click cover page, you will see:

cover page

24. Select the style of cover page you want.