Word 2010 Tutorial 4
Desktop Publishing and Mail Merge

1. Identify desktop publishing features
2. Format text in columns
3. Insert drop caps
4. Insert symbols and special characters
5. Create WordArt
6. Edit, resize, and move WordArt
7. Align and wrap text around graphics
8. Add clip art to a document
9. Edit clip art
10. Edit a photograph
11. Add a page border
12. Balance columns
13. Perform a mail merge

 Important Points
1. Formatting text in columns - click page layout tab, click columns in the page setup group you will see:

Column menu
2. Click more columns, you will see:

More columns dialog box.
3. Select the number of columns you want then click apply to the section you want.  whole document or this point foreword.
4. Insert Drop Cap - put your cursor where you want the drop cap, click insert, click drop cap, you will see:
Drop Cap Menu

5. Choose one of the options or click drop cap options, you will see:

Drop Cap options dialog box
6. Symbols and Special Characters. -typographic characters. - click insert, click symbol you will see:
symbol menu
7. Choose the symbol you want or click more symbols, you will see:
Symbol Menu
8.  You can scroll through the various symbols and click on the tabs.
9. WordArt is specially formatted, decorative text. - is an object independent of the text- it can be beveled, transformed, and filled.
10. Insert WordArt- click insert, click word art, you will see:

wordart menu
11. Click on the word art style you want, you will see:

WordArt box
12. Type in your text.
13. Wrapping text around a graphic. -WordArt is a floating graphic - attached to a paragraph.
    Square-text flows around the curved edges of the object
    Tight - text flows around object following the contours of the word art
    Through- text fills any open space in the graphic
    Top and Bottom-text stops at the top border of an object band resumes below.
    Behind Text - Text flow over the graphic.
14. Change font size of word art. - select the word art text, click the font size arrow in font group and select size.
15. Change color and shape - Make sure text box is selected, click drawing tools format tab, in word are styles group click text fill button arrow, select the colors you want, click the text effects button, point to transform, select the one you want.
16. To use Size button - click the drawing tool format tab, click the size button, enter the size you want.
17. Insert clip art. - click insert tab, click clip art button, you will see in the right hand pane of your screen:
Clip art pane

18. In the search for box type in the category of clip art you want such as doctor and make user all media file types appears in the results should be box. If you only want to include clip art on your computer, check the include office content. Click go. A clipart will be displayed.  Click on it to insert into your document. Close the take pane.
19. Cropping a graphic means cutting off part of the graphic. Select the clip art, in the size group click the cropping tool and move the cropping handles where you want them and click off the clip art.
20. Changing the shape of clip art- select the clip art, click the picture tool format tab, in size group click the crop button arrow, point to Clip to shape, select the shape you want.
21. Change the text wrapping - make sure clipart is selected, in the arrange click wrap text you will see:
Wrap text button
22.  Select the text wrapping you want.
23. To move and align clip art. - click on the clip art and hold the mouse button down and drag to move - then on the pictures tools format tab click the Align button. You will see:

Align button menu

24. Click on the alignment that you want.
25. Insert  Photograph -click insert, click picture, navigate to the picture you want, click insert.
26. Remove background from photo - Click on the photo, move zoom level to 400%,in adjust group, click remove background button. You will see:

remove background from picture 
27. The purple area of the photo represents the background - drag the box to fill the entire photo. Click Mark Areas to Keep button in the refine group and draw lines through the purple area to indicate what you want to keep, click keep changes.
28. Add a picture style to the photo.- click picture tool format tab, then click the more button in the picture styles group, select the style you want.
29. Balance Columns - equal length - Press ctrl-end to go to the end of the document - click page layout, click the breaks button, below section breaks click continuous.
30. Insert border around page - in page background group, click page borders, Your will see:

Page borders dialog box

Click on box you will see:

Box selection

31. In style box select Whole Document, click the options button, click measure from, click text, click ok.
32. Mail Merge - click the mailings tab, click start mail merger, click step by step ;mail merge wizard., verify letter option button, click next: starting document, make use the current document button is selected, click next: Select recipients, verify Use an existing list is selected, click browse and navigate to your data source., click open, click ok, You will see:

Data source for mail merge
You can sort , filter, specify exactly the records you want to use.  Once you have selected the records you want click OK.
 click next write your letter.

mail merge address block
33. Insert a merge field. , place your cursor where you want it and click address block. You will see:
Address block dialog box
34. Choose the format you want., Click OK.
35. To place other fields from the data source, place your cursor where you want the filed, click more items, you will see:
More items dialog box
36. Click on the field that you want to insert, click insert, click close. Note: You can put a field multiple times in the letter.
Preview merged document.- click next: preview your letters: You will see:

Preview your merged letters
38. Click on the chevrons next to Recipient 1 to advance through the records.
39. Click on Next: Complete the merge: You will see:
Complete Mail Merge Dialog box
40. Click on Edit individual letters. You will see:
Edit letters dialog box
41. Select the option you want and click OK. You will then see all of the merged letters that you selected. You can modify the individual letters and then print them all.