Word 2007, Desktop publishing and mail merge


Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify desktop publishing features.
2. Create a title with WordArt
3. Create newspaper-style columns.
4. Insert and edit graphics
5. Wrap text around a graphic
6. Incorporate drop caps
7. Use symbols and special typographic characters.
8. Add a page border
9. Perform a mail merge.
10. Create a blog post

Important Points:

1. Elements of desktop publishing - High quality printing, Graphics, Typographic characters, columns and other formatting features.

2. WordArt is a feature that allows you to inert specially formatted text into a document. A WordArt headline is considered an object.
3. Creating word art: Click the insert tab, in the text group click Wordart button. In the WordArt gallery, click the style of text you want to insert., type the text in the dialog box, select the font and font size you want, bold or italic button or both, click ok. Use the tools on the WordArt Tools format tab to format the wordart. Drag the handles to resize.
4. WordArt text is an object, something that you can manipulate independent of the text called an inline graphic because it is part of line of text that it was inserted into.
5. Changing font and formatting of the WordArt.- Select object, click edit text button on WordArt toolbar, select the font and formatting you want.
6. Change shape of WordArt: click WordArt shape button on wordart toolbar. Select shape.
7. Text Wrapping of WordArt: click Text Wrapping button on the WordArt toolbar: select wrapping mode
8. Anchor WordArt to blank paragraph: Insert blank paragraph, click WordArt, click and drag anchor, position to the left of new paragraph, click anywhere to deselect.
9. An inline graphic means the graphic is located in a specific position in a specific line of the document.
10. A floating graphic is attached, or anchored to a paragraph. You can drag a floating graphic to any location and the text wraps around it.
11. Newspaper-style columns- page is divided into two or more vertical blocks (columns). Text flows down one column and continues at the top of the next column.
12. To apply Newspaper columns: position insertion point a beginning of paragraph where you want break to occur. click page layout tab. click columns button, click more columns, click the two icon, click the line between, click apply, click this point forward. click OK.
13. Graphics: drawings, photos, maps, art, etc.
14.BMP - bitmap - Paint;
15.GIF - good for simple art-compressed
16. JPEG - Pphotographs and drawings. - compressed
17. TIFF - Photographs and Scanned
18. A text box is a box in which you can type text. You can use a text box for a pull quote (brief quotation from the main document)
19. Clip Art is a collection of already made images.
20. Insert Clip Art - Put the cursor were you want the clip art inserted, Click insert tab, in the illustrations group, click the Clip Art button. to Office Collection, click plus sign next to Category you want, click arrow button on picture you want, click copy, click close, click close, , pick paste button.
21. Scaling (resizing) an image. Select graphic, click on sizing handle, drag sizing handle in the direction you want, release mouse.
22. Crop graphic- make sure the clip art is selected, click the picture tools Format tab, click crop button on picture toolbar, position pointer on sizing handle, hold down mouse button, drag, release mouse button.
23.Rotate a graphic: select object, click rotate button on picture toolbar.
24. Wrap text around graphic: select object, click text wrapping button on picture toolbar, click option you want.
25. Move graphic: select graphic, move cursor over graphic when you see the plus, click and drag graphic were you want.
26. Drop Cap is a large, capital letter that highlight the beginning of the text of a newsletter.
27. Insert drop cap: select paragraph, click insert tab, in the text group click drop cap button, click drop cap, select dropped icon, click line to drop, click ok.
28. Inserting Symbols and Special Characters: Called typographic characters Place cursor in position, click insert tab, click symbol, click special characters or symbols tab, select symbol, click insert, click close button.
29. Columns can be balanced:, place cursor at end of text in column to be balanced, click zoom list arrow, click whole page, click page layout tab, , click breaks button, click continuous
30. Draw border around page: zoom is set to whole page, click the page layout tab, in the page background group, click Page border tab, click the box option, apply to whole document. click options button, click measure from, click text, click ok, click ok.
31. Mail merge refers to the process of combining information from two separate documents to create many final documents.
32. Main document is a document that contain standard text and placeholders (called merged fields)<>.
33. Data Source is a document that contains information which will be inserted into the main document.
34. Fields make up record, records make up table.
35. To begin Mail Merge.
a. Click new blank documentt:
b. Click Mailings tab,
c. click start Mail Merge button.
d. click the step by step mail merge Wizard,
e. Click the letters option button,
f. click next: starting document,
g. click Use the current document option button,
H. click Next: Select recipients,
i. Click Use and existing list option button,
j. click browse, navigate to your data source,
k. click open,
l. Click ok,
m. click next Write your letter,
n. Click address block in the mail ;merge task pane.
o. Select one of the address block formats,
p. Verify inset recipients name in this format and insert postal address check boxes are selected,
q. Click Ok,
r. to place other field in document, click More items
s. Select the field that you want to place in the document
t. Click insert
u. Click close
v. Click Next preview you letters
w. Click Next: complete the merge
x. Click edit individual letters
y. click all option button, click Ok
z. From here you can print the document, save it to disk.

36. A blog is an online journal that other people can read on the WWW.
37. A blog post is an addition to blog.
38. To create a new blog post:
a. Click the office button, click new, click new blog post, click create button. Click Register Later, Click the placeholder text and type in you blog title, click the blank paragraph below and type in your content, click Save, give it the name you want.