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Front Office Clerk
The goal of this program is to prepare students to enter the health care industry at an entry-level position after two semesters. The program requires students to successfully complete 17 units during two consecutive semesters. To increase the success of each student, students enroll as a group and progress together through each class in the program. You must enroll in all required classes  each semester.
We anticipate a block of classes from 9-3 Monday through Thursday, although the schedule is still tentative.  Students must type 30 words per minute to be eligible for the program and are advised to meet Solano Text Box: ** If your typing skills need improving, take OT 54 to build typing speed and accuracy. If your reading, writing or math skills need improving, see a counselor for the right classes for you. Be ready  before starting the program to ensure your success!
Text Box: Starts Every Semester!

College’s minimum reading and math skills.** Typing eligibility will be evaluated on the first day of classes.

The program is designed to teach students medical terminology and a basic knowledge of  pathological processes while  improving their computer application and keyboarding skills. Filing-Records and Database is integrated with appointment and billing software along with Medical Keyboarding. Employable skills will include resume and interview techniques, telephone and business etiquette and  letter composition.


Your Success Is Our Success!

Students must be committed to completing this program in two consecutive semesters. We are committed to helping students succeed and encourage them to keep climbing up the career ladder by continuing their education after they are employed.

Text Box: Job Direct Certificate Program
Semester 1			     Units
CIS 106	1
	Computer Literacy
CIS 102	.5
	Microsoft Word
OT 55	1
	Intermediate Keyboarding
NURSE 111	3
	Medical Terminology
OT 159	2
	Filing and Database Management

Semester 2         	 	    Units
OT 101		3
	Human Diseases
OT 56		2
	Advanced Keyboarding	
		(Business Grammar)
OT 59 		3
	Medical Keyboarding
BUS 100		1.5
	Work Readiness
Total Units		17