Mgmt 50 Syllabus Fall 2005 2005













FALL 2005









Professor Thom Watkins





Principles of Management, Mgmt 50

FALL 2005

Aug 23rd thru Dec 20th



Course Title:  Mgmt 50, Principles of Management    Instructor:  Thom Watkins

Telephone:  (707) 864-7000 ext 374                 E-Mail:

Class Hours:  Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30 – 2:00 pm   Location: Room 506

Text:  Management: A Practical Introduction, 2nd Edition; Kinicki/Williams..



Purpose of the Course.

The purpose of this class is to introduce you to the theory and practices relevant to the management principles of Planning, Organizing, leading, and Controlling.  We anticipated, that through your experiences in this course, you will gain a better understanding of what and management is and how managers function.  We hope that this improved understanding will increase your appreciation of management and will assist you in planning both your academic program and future career.



Goals of the course.


Resource Materials.

Periodicals such as Business WeekThe Wall Street JournalFortuneForbesNewsweek TimeU.S. News and World Report, and your daily newspaper; The Library; and the Internet.


Method of Instruction.

I plan to use a combination of any or all of the following instructional methods:  lecture, discussion student case analysis, controversial topic debates, films, and guest speakers.


Class Attendance and Participation.

Students must attend class in order to participate in student-involvement activities.  I expect each student to be prepared for each evening's lesson.  That is: student will have read the material to be covered in that day’s lesson prior to class; be prepared to ask questions; answer questions; and otherwise participate in discussion of the topics for that day.


Consistent and timely attendance is expected.  Past experience indicates a direct relationship between regular attendance and passing grades.  Also, with that in mind, each student is expected to read and understand the attached page titled Student Responsibilities, Attendance and Participation as extracted from the Solano Community College Catalog.


There will be a ten-point penalty assessed on all examinations not taken when scheduled.


Grades and Grading Criteria.

Grades will be based on your performance on the following:


Grades and Grading Criteria.

Grades will be based on your performance on the following:


          Examination #1 ----------------------------------- 16%


          Examination #2 ----------------------------------- 16%


          Examination #3 ----------------------------------- 16%


Examination #4 ----------------------------------- 16%


          Final Examination---------------------------------- 16%


          Term Paper----------------------------------------- 20%


          Participation------------------------------------ + / - (Instructor appraisal)


The following grading criteria will be in effect for this class:


          A = 90 - 100


          B = 80 - 89


          C = 70 - 79


          D = 60 - 69


          F = 59 and below



Extra Credit.



There are plenty of opportunities during the semester for you to achieve the grade that you desire providing that you are willing to put in the effort.  So please do not ask.


Student Responsibilities


Attendance and Participation


Students must attend the first meeting of their classes each semester in order to verify their class enrollments. Students failing to appear are withdrawn from class rolls.


Regular attendance and participation is required of all students enrolled in courses and laboratories at Solano College. This includes regular attendance, completion of examinations, assignments, participation in class activities and discussions. Instructors shall provide students with written statements describing course requirements, grading standards and course prerequisites.


Regular attendance is an obligation assumed by every student at the time of registration. Absences per semester should not exceed the number of hours or the number of days, as determined by the instructor, that a class meets per week. Absences in excess of the maximum may result in students being dropped from classes or having their grades lowered. Students who fail to attend their classes may be dropped by their instructors no later than the end of 62.5 percent of the full-term class, short- term class, or summer session.


Students have the responsibility for verifying their enrollment status. If students withdraw from classes, it is their responsibility to make sure that drop cards have been submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records or that they have completed the withdrawal via RSVP telephone or online services.


It is the responsibility of students to know the status of their attendance records and to complete all academic work missed due to absences.


Compliance with the above regulations may be waived in the presence of verifiable extenuating circumstances including accidents, illnesses, shift changes and temporary changes in military assignments. Students who are dropped from classes because of unsatisfactory attendance and/or participation may petition their instructors for class reinstatement. Instructors may reinstate a student by signing an add card and writing “Reinstate” on the card. The add card must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.




Withdrawal from Classes


Students are responsible for officially dropping from classes and verifying that drop cards are submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records or complete the drop process by using the RSVP telephone system or web online services.


A student may withdraw from a class during the fast four weeks of instruction by filing a drop card with the Office of Admissions and Records or complete the drop process by using the RSVP Telephone system or web online services. Courses dropped by the end of the first four weeks of instruction will not appear on the student's record.


Courses dropped after 30% of instruction through the end Of 62.5% of the term/session will be recorded as a “W” on the student's record. A student must petition the Academic Council for a “W” after the last day to drop if extenuating circumstances apply. Documentation shall be required.


Short-term or summer session courses, which are less a full semester in length, dropped during the first 30% of the class will not appear on the students record Courses dropped 31% to 62.5% of the term/session will be recorded as a “W” on the student's record. Courses dropped after 62.5% of the term/session maybe recorded as a “W” if extenuating circumstances apply. The student must petition the Academic Council and provide documentation to verify cases of accidents, illnesses, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student.




Withdrawal from College


Students who find it necessary to drop all courses during the semester are required to fill out a Withdrawal Card at the Office of Admissions and Records or the withdrawal using the RSVP telephone system or web online services Seeing a counselor is advised before deciding to withdraw. It is important to clear any debts owed to the College before leaving the College. Failure to withdraw properly could result in a failing grade.



SCC Catalog 2005-2006.


Mgmt 50 Course Schedule – Fall 2005






Tuesday                                             Thursday


                             23rd                                                                  24th

                        Intro to Course                                                      Chaps 1



               Chap 2






                                                                                                Chap 2


Tuesday                                             Thursday


                           6th                                                                     8th

                        Chap 2                                                                Chap 3


                           13th                                                                  15th

                        Chaps 3 & 4                                                       Chap 4


                            20th                                                                 22nd

                        Exam #1                                                           Chap 5

                        Chaps 1 thru 4                                   


                            27th                                                                  29th

                        Chap 6                                                                 Chap 7






Tuesday                                             Thursday


                            4th                                                                     6th

                        Exam #2                                                              Chap 8

Chaps 5 thru 7                                   


                           11th                                                                   13th

                        Chap 9                                                                Chap 9


Mgmt 50 Course Schedule – Fall 2005, cont.



OCTOBER, cont’d.



Tuesday                                             Thursday


                            18th                                                                  20th

                        Chaps 10                                                           Chap 10


                            25th                                                                  27th

                        Exam #3                                                           Chap 11

                        Chaps 8 thru 10         





Tuesday                                             Thursday


                           1st                                                                      3rd

                        Chap 11                                                               Chap 11

                             8th                                                                    10th

                        Chap 12                                                            Chap 12


                            15th                                                                   17th

                        Chap 13                                                            Chap 13


                           22nd                                                                   24th

                        Exam #4                                                     <Thanksgiving>

Chaps 11 thru 13



               Chap 14






Tuesday                                             Thursday



                                                                                                Chap 14


                            15th                                                                   17th

                        Chap 15                                                            Chap 16



                        Chap 16           





Term Paper Deadline: Tuesday, December 6th; 12:30pm.


Final Examination: Thursday, December 15th; 1:30pm-3:30pm, Room 506.




 Mgmt 50 Term Paper



You will be required to write a paper to write a Term Paper for this class.  The subject of your paper will be “An Exceptional Manager.”  You are to choose a person whom you think is an exceptional manager.  The person can be from the public sector or private sector.  He or she may or may not be well-known.  Your exceptional manager may be someone you know personally. 


The object is to state why you think this person is an exceptional manager.  Use the four Functions of Management (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling) as your guide for the structure of your paper and your text as a source for definition of an exceptional manager.


The following is offered to you as guidance in the preparation of your paper:


Ž       The paper must be typewritten; hand-written papers will not be accepted.

Ž       Suggested length is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 double-spaced pages – enough length to present a logical and scholarly analysis and investigation of your subject manager.

Ž       A bibliography is required.  Be sure to correctly cite your sources.

Ž       Your proposed exceptional manager must be approved by me in advance.  Use the supplied Proposed Term Paper  handout for approval of your selected manager.

Ž       Sources must be other than those in your text.  For instance, sources such as the following might be used:

o        Internet Web Sites

o        Solano College Library

o        The Wall Street Journal.

o        Business Week.

o        Fortune.

o        Other professional journals in the field you have chosen.

o        Personal interviews

Ž       Grading will be essentially reserved to the content of the paper and the perceptible scholarship.

Ž       Poor composition, grammar spelling, etc., will detract substantially from your grade.

Ž       Above all, always give proper credit where credit is due.  Understand the meaning of plagiarism – the presentation of someone else’s ideas or words as your own.  Papers displaying signs of plagiarism will receive a failing grade.

Review the attached MLA Citation Format put together by Dr. Quentin Carter of the Solano College Library.  This handout is useful to show how to properly cite from books, periodicals, Internet resources and more.  The handout is in PDF format, so you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to use it.

It can be accessed from the Library’s Home Page:




Mgmt 50 Proposed Term Paper- Fall Semester 2005



NAME: _______________________________________


The Exceptional Manager that That I am choosing to write my paper on is:

          (Include Manager’s name, title, and organization affiliation)



The reason(s) I chose this manager is:



My sources will include the following: